The stage is ablaze with the welling up emotions of Millie Dillmount as she arrives in New York City to become the next big thing in town. Jimmy Smith and Millie walk down the alley after she gets mugged to new realizations.Witness the difference of
eras with this musical.


What better to take the play of Thoroughly Modern Millie to perfection than some stomping on the stage! The hats, purse, and the shoes of the
early 19th century emanate the feelings of Millie
through as they sway to the beats.


Some tunes to enhance the age of art, love, and war put your heart leaping through the landscape of wonders. Joy and cultural hues exude with the “Overture” and “Forget About the Boy” in the two splendid acts.

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Travel back by a century in our hall of dance, music, and drama to beat time to the peppy acts of success by Millie. Entertainment is never compromised on these stages of excellence with the brilliant line of actors and music artists that spill gems through art.

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    Hayley Tamaddon plays Millie Dillimount. Michael Colbourne is Jimmy Smith; Lucas Rush as Mrs Meers and Lisa Bridge as Miss Dorothy Brown. Find more talented actors on stage with this act.

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    Music Artists

    Each part of the musical is given the voice of the artists on stage, but the tunes were made to be so classy by Jeanine Tesori, with the lyrics of Dick Scanian.

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    What came out as a movie had the written and musical versions as well, which were written by Scanlan and Richard Morris.


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Thoroughly Modern Millie – Performed on Broadway, Las Vegas Shows & Venues Worldwide

Thoroughly Modern Millie, a musical play is a six-time Tony Awards winner and the winner of best musical in 2002. The play was based on the book by Richard Morris, Dick Scanlan and a 1967 movie with the same name. The musical is centered on a small-town girl named Millie Dillmount, who comes to New York to marry her love. However, her plan fails after being kidnapped and forced to travel to the East. The music style chosen for the performance is comic and also incorporates new tunes, with some pre-written songs. Although the musical received a lot of racial discriminations and faced controversies, it is still a popular choice for a high school production.


Like those as mentioned above, the entire plot of the musical is centered on a small-town girl named Millie Dillmount, and it took place in 1922. Her ideologies and plans for life were simple and straightforward: Work as a secretary for a rich and eligible bachelor and eventually marry him. When things did not go according to her plans, the landlady plots to kidnap her best friend and ship her to Hong Kong for slavery. On the other hand, her boss was uninterested in her dalliance, nor had a penny in his name. Over much drama and love themes, in the end, they realize the landlady’s business and gets her behind bars.

A classic six-time Tony Award winner in 2002, for the best musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie, is a charming comedy play. The play is filled with lovely characters, handsome men and a villainess landlady, it is a perfect blend of madcap merriment. It is also a perfect play for music lovers and dance performers.

Millie Dillmount


Thoroughly Modern Millie, directed by Michael Mayer, was produced by the Broadway productions, starring Erin Dilly at the lead, which allured her to stardom. On April 18, 2002, the premiere was aired at the Marquis Theatre. It went on for two years and was closed on June 2 2004, after 903 performances and 32 previews. In 2003, the same stage play was opened on October 21, London. The play was initially planned to air till 2005, but despite the positive response from the audience, it failed to catch the attention of the UK public and was forced to close on June 26, 2004. The play was also part of the Las Vegas show schedule in 2009.

Racial Discrimination

Despite the worldwide popularity and the awards won, the play was subjected to racial discrimination. Some even called it ‘Thoroughly Racist Millie’. The subplot of the play stars a white woman who is impersonated as Chinese and runs a slavery business with two other Chinese men. This was the main reason for subjecting to racism. However, the director states that the play was designed to shatter racist stereotypes, and if wanted, the show could be turned racist. But, in reality, the play was only directed to curb the racist stereotype, as the two Chinese immigrants were originally the heroes of the play as they rescued the girls from slavery. However, despite the criticism, the play won many awards and was also nominated for several awards.

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